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  • Timofey Kurgin about the situation in Yekaterinburg
Timofey Kurgin about the situation in Yekaterinburg

In online publications and print media, the hype about what is happening around the construction of the temple in Yekaterinburg does not subside. The project is planned to be implemented on the territory of one of the squares - which does not suit the residents of the surrounding houses, for whom this is the only place for walking around the greened territory.

«I don’t think we should blindly copy the West, — says Timofey. — Rather, the opposite. But recently I was in New York and wondered how rich Americans created the history of this city, how many places in New York appeared and became significant. For example, the Rockefeller Center. During the Great Depression, Rockefeller’s son decided to build a business center in the impassable slums, and gradually everything began to change around him. Today it is the business card of New York and the United States as a whole. It turns out that wealthy people take an unattractive territory, ennoble it, make it an attraction of the city. I can’t imagine the reaction of New Yorkers, if someone from the rich together with the mayor will build something in Central Park. I believe that by doing something good, it makes sense to revive a territory that is not interesting to anyone today. It is with this that the philanthropist, benefactor leaves a mark on history. And to cut down the square and build a church instead ...

And if in this square someone confessed someone to love, someone walked there with the children, ran in the mornings? And one day they say to you that you will no longer have this place, there will be a temple. In the industrial city, trees are cut down, the fountain stops working ... The temple itself is very good, but it turns out that they take something away from me from a city resident without asking».

Whatever the conflict is, Timofey is confident that the situation can be resolved peacefully.

«The most effective way to solve such situations is dialogue, so you need to talk and communicate with people. Ideally, this should be done by the first persons, — Kurgin thinks. — According to the legislation, such a large-scale construction must go through public hearings. So you have to see if they were? If there was a consent of the population, then the question to the protesters. If the procedure is carried out fictitiously, then we must deal with the officials. They deceived both people and investors».

As for the investor, he is a local philanthropist Igor Altushkin, known for his activities in the field of charity and the development of sports, in particular martial arts. The RCC company he founded holds boxing and MMA tournaments in the Urals every month.

«I’m not personally acquainted with Igor Altushkin, — says Timofey Kurgin, — but I know that he pays for children expensive operations and does a lot for people without hype and self-praise. He is a religious believer who loves his region, who can wisely address this complex issue. The solution is on the surface - if a person wants to build a temple, a place for this can always be found. You can revive some of the remote areas of the city and invest in an already existing park, hold free Internet, make a zoning, establish new sports grounds».