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  • Timofey Kurgin on the Upward Movement forum in Irkutsk
Timofey Kurgin on the Upward Movement forum in Irkutsk

On October 26, in Irkutsk, the +«Upward Motion» Education Forum organized by the +7 Fund was held. Speeches at the forum were divided into four areas:

1. How to build a strong personal brand

2. How to launch a business in the region and scale it throughout the country

3. How to create an urban brand attractive to residents and tourists

4. How to implement projects that will make life in the city more comfortable and interesting

Speakers invited to the forum spoke within each of the above areas. Speakers: Popular Stand Up comedian Vanya Usovich, urban blogger Ilya Varlamov, director of the Irkutsk Quarters project Sergey Mayarenkov, author of the «Babrbuk» project Dmitry Miromanov and others.

In addition, on the official forum website - Upwardmotion.ru - you can apply for participation in the competition. The task is to develop and present a project in one of the areas. Winners will receive grants in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

«We hope that the Upward Movement forum helped people who visited it find answers to their questions, — chairman of the +7 fund’s board of trustees Timofey Kurgin said. — We held such an event for the first time, and are glad that it received good reviews. We are already being asked about when there will be a sequel. As for grants, we will assemble a commission that will include representatives of the fund, experts from relevant fields, as well as someone from speakers at the forum. Winners will receive grants in the amount of half a million rubles. +7 Fund will closely monitor projects, and if necessary, we are ready to provide support in terms of resolving legal issues or interacting with regional administrations».